​Rossman Apiaries https://www.gabees.com/store/  -  Rossman is one of our out of town vendors. They can bring in just about anything and again you will not have to pay shipping if you order before and pickup at our seminar!  Check out their glassware and their extractors for sure and save lots of money on shipping!!!


C and C honey farm - Chester makes all of the equipment himself!  Stop by and see him at our event!   Questions about his equipment or prices, please call 850-995-1304.  

Pigeon Mountain trading company is offering an extra 10% off your entire order (Live bees not included) if you call them and place your order before February 20th.  Call them at 1 (706) 638-1491. 

Farm and Nursery Mart - 7460 Pine Forrest Rd- (850) 944-5700.  This is a wonderful retail shop.  They sell various beekeeping equipment and treatments. They also sell wood pellets for your smoker and bee plants for your garden. Call first if looking for something specific.

​Pigeon Mountain trading company -  pigeonmountaintrading.com - Pigeon mountain carries the freeman beetle bottom boards which offer the best protection in pest control. They are also great for first time beekeepers as you can see what's going on in your hive without opening up the hive every three days like most new beekeepers would like to do.  They also have wonderful cypress wooden ware and lots of other great stuff.  Check out their website and again pay no shipping at our event!!   

Millie Bee - Millie bee is a third party vendor for Mann Lake and Dadant. Mr. Herman will also have bees available for pick up the day of our event. Please see his information in the bee section too! 

 To place an order or request information please call or text Elmore Herman at (850) 557-3409.  

Local suppliers 

Urban Farmer Supplies, LLC. - www.urbanfarmersupplies.com - The Stricklands are wonderful people who focus on Un-BEE-lievable Service. Located in Molino, they have Mann Lake equipment on hand and can order anything you might need. Call or text them at (850) 712-6877. .

Vendors for our Bee Workshop - Preorder and save on shipping!!!!

Mannings Feed and Seed - Over the past several years the Mannings feed and seed store has graciously donated equipment to our bee seminar. Please go by or call them if you are in the Milton or Pace area and need equipment.  (850) 623-2426. Or visit them online at www.Manningsstore.com

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