​Rossman Apiaries https://www.gabees.com/store/    ********* Rossman will not be able to attend our meeting this year.  They hope to attend next year again!  


C and C honey farm - will also be at our event selling high quality wooden bee equipment.  Chester makes all of the equipment himself!  Stop by and see him at our event!   Questions about his equipment or prices, please call 850-995-1304.  

Millie Bee - Millie bee is a third party vendor for Brushy Mountain, Mann Lake, and Dadant.

 To place an order or request information please call or text Elmore Herman at (850) 557-3409.  

*As a benefit to our members and anyone attending our workshop, if you place an order with Millie Bee they will deliver it at the workshop, SAVING YOU SHIPPING!!!     

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